About Us:

Phillips Electric Machinery Co., Inc. began as a blacksmith shop in 1919 in South Norwalk Connecticut. The founding fathers believed it was their obligation to help people in solving problems. To that extent, their focus was always customer oriented. The business philosophy was to keep abreast of the latest technologies and how they would benefit clients. That customer oriented focus and technology leadership philosophy carried forward over time. In 1987, Phillips Electric co-founded ConservAIR Technologies® and introduced products and application technologies to assist industrial compressed air users in improving the performance and reliability of their plant air systems. It pioneered data logging and compressed air auditing techniques that are still used today. In 1991, the Intermediate Control® was patented and introduced as a technology to reduce operating costs and avoid the capital expenditure of adding more compressor horsepower. System Master Controls for networking multiple compressors in an automated sequence evolved with the advances in microprocessor and computer based technologies. PEMCO Services has designed and configured System Master Controls for a full range of compressed air system networks from as small as 15hp to systems with up to 24 compressors installed in multiple locations. Leak management is an important component of the overall PEMCO energy management program. PEMCO provides in-house training on data logging, leak detection, and other assessment services to lower costs and improve productivity.

Bob Wilson, owner/president PEMCO Services has developed a network of compressed air specialists to assist clients with their site specific issues. He will perform an evaluation to define the project objectives and scope and then put together the right team to do the work.